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Smutsvackert mörker: The Daylight Gate

The north of England is untamed. It can be subdued but it cannot be tamed. Lancashire is the wild part of the untamed. The Forest of Pendle used to be a hunting ground, but some say that the hill is … Läs mer

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Hur man definierar riktig litteratur

Frank. But you seem to be under the impression that all books are literature. Rita. Aren’t they? Frank. No. Rita. Well – well how d’ y’ tell? Frank. I – erm – erm – one’s always known really. – Educating … Läs mer

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Blod och framtidsmönster: The Pattern Scars

I walk slowly, because I feel heavy and strange. The Path ripples, and I dig my toes in, between steps. When I glance to either side I see other roads – so many, too many; which is the one I … Läs mer

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Bleak is beautiful

You read a lot of crap about photographic craftmanship in those days, and technique; but you didn’t hear shit about vision. I knew that I had an eye, a gift for seeing where the ripped edges of the world begin … Läs mer

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”There are no bad genres”

– ”Genre: A Word Only a Frenchman Could Love”, Ursula K. Le Guin

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Older than dreams

He saw all the masks that were called Damon Julian, and Giles Lamont and Gilbert d’Aquin and Philip Caine and Sergei Alexov and a thousand other men fall away, and behind each one was another, older and more horrible, layer … Läs mer

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Smink, svärd och starka kvinnliga karaktärer

When I paint my eyes to match my soup, it is not because I have nothing better to do than worry over trifles. It says, I belong here, and you will not deny me. When I streak my lips red … Läs mer

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