”Narcissus sleeps and dreams us all.”

Nu har jag läst ut Vellum och eftersom jag omöjligt kan formulera något sammanhängande och för andra människor förståeligt om bokens fantastiska storhet så slänger jag upp lite citat istället.

Some people have demons. Christ, he feels like he’s got fucking heaven and hell itself inside his head. Hey, guys… party in my head and everyone’s invited. Bring your own battle-axe.

– In an interrogation cell, deep underground, inside the secret base of an empire that reaches from the dawn of time, across eternities, and into the minds of every monkey robot in the world.
– ‘Monkey robot’? he says.
– Puppets on a string, dangling, jangling, gangling from the ganglions in the head. That’s how they control us. That’s all we are to them, monkey robots – apemen, golems, fucking soldiers of the Empire.

The past is the new future, she thinks. Tomorrow is so last year.

The road is just a scratch on the skin of a god; if you came off it, she thinks, if you smashed straight through one of the low wooden fences and shot out into the air, you might crash right of this world and into another, into a world empty of human life or filled with animal ghosts.

– You hear voices, Jack?
– Don’t we all? Voices of souls, of ancestors, family and friends, enemies and demons, ghosts inside the head, the ghosts in the machine. You telling me you don’t hear your own little internal narrative when you’re thinking to yourself? You’ve never had an argument with a friend that didn’t carry on in your head afterwards? You’ve never lain in bed and thought to yourself in someone else’s voice, to get a different perspective, someone else’s attitude? We all hear voices, doctor. Most people just keep them turned down real low.
Too much noise, you see, the monkey-robots might not hear the puppeteer. Little doggy might not hear his master’s voice, mate. So we gotta shut those voices up.

Så, läs den.

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